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Sore and achy muscles? No worries, try this.

Do you have sore and achy muscles from trying to hit your New Year's resolutions?

Now that its been about a month since you've been trying to hit the gym harder, your body has REALLY started to feel it. Recovery is so important when trying to reach any fitness goal and not only! I truly believe our bodies are stronger than we realize, most of the time injuries are the result of under recovery, NOT OVER TRAINING. Recovery is key, so remember to take care of yourself!

Wintergreen is a very, very powerful essential oil that is great to apply to your muscles after a workout or when you feel some discomfort. Wintergreen is high in a constituent called methyl salicylate. It is actually made up almost entirely of methyl salicylate- around 90%. Methyl salicylate is also the main active ingredient in many sports creams and balms for its powerful properties; however, instead of using the natural constituent found in nature, commercial companies try to synthetically create it in a lab to be more cost effective. You also can’t patent something found in nature. By using Wintergreen essential oil, you can go straight to the source and use methyl salicylate in its natural form and experience the synergistic benefits the way nature intended. Plant based, from the earth.

The Wintergreen plant originated in North America where Native Americans used the leaves to help support the respiratory system and they even chewed them before running long distances.

Wintergreen oil has a refreshing, revitalizing aroma that can help relax and uplift. Its also very powerful, I feel like its very mentally stimulating which can help increase attentiveness. It is also a WONDERFUL addition to creams and ointments that are applied after activity, exercising, and during deep tissue massages.

Because wintergreen is so powerful and high in methyl salicylate, make sure to dilute before application and be careful. This is why there is a childproof cap. It is recommended to be cautious and careful around kids as well as when you are pregnant and nursing.

How do you like to use Wintergreen? What do you like about this oil? Let us know in the comments.

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